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ACE roller – Reef.

ACE roller REEF is a highly versatile gun which punches well above its weight. Carefully designed to provide maximum aerodynamics in a small package with huge hitting power. Perfect for close, tight or dirty water these guns will not disappoint.  7mm shafts and the legendary AR-15 handle compliment the gun, but you can, if you choose to fully customise your gun with a number of options.

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ACE Custom guns

This is where we unleash the dogs and go for it with limitless designs and options for the truly stand out gun of your dreams; whether you are after a trophy gun, custom one offs this is our speciality and where our roots began. Please contact us to discuss your needs and option.

A $750 deposit is required for all custom builds.


ACE apparel and Stickers

ACE speargun sticker is designed to stick along the barrel of your gun or can be stuck on the side of the boat.

About Us

ACE Spearguns was founded in 2011 by master wood craftsman, Antony Bullock. Set deep in the roots of Australian spearfishing where spearo’s demands tough, rugged and performance orientated guns to tackle some of the toughest, meanest, gear busting fish on the planet, ACE spearguns has set out to give you the ultimate weapon to handle the task with confidence.

Our Goal

The goal was simple; to enhance and bring speargun technology and design into the 21st Century using both age old craftsmanship combined with modern technology. Technology with focus on design ensures ACE Spearguns are leaders in their field and the great oceans, reefs and deep blue water around Australia have been the ultimate testing grounds for our spearguns. This can be seen in the range of guns that ACE creates, which is clear to spot the laws of nature and biology behind the shape of all ACE speaguns which mimics marine environment both in a fluid form and the magnificent creatures that travel effortlessly through its medium.